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The Israeli Dilemma- Remembering Rabin

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  Izraeli Kulturális Intézet Paulay Ede utca 1
Budapest, 1061 Magyarország

On november 4th, 1995, Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin was assasined because of his political opinion and actions. Rabin was one of the most influential and Controversial politicians in Israel, and his assasination still is one of the most influential events on Israeli politics and society.

Every year since then, we remember Yitzhak Rabin on the Hebrew date day of his assasination. We use this time of the year so pay respect to Rabin’s memorial and beliefs, and also to rethink the values and principels of the Israeli and Jewish society, those who brought us to the moments of the assasination and those who make sure this will never happen again.

***This year, We will gather at the IKI on october 21st (12th of Heshvan), sunday afternoon to commemorate his life’s work. We will have have an open debate about important issues and dilemmas related to Rabin’s legacy, the Israeli soceity and the Jewish values related to them.
What should citizens in a democratic country do when they do not agree with the goverments actions? How far should the Israeli society go for peace? What is the meaning of the IDF in the Israeli society, and do we even need it? and how far should a person go to express his or her opinion?

The discussion will be lead by our Israeli Shinshiniot and Tamas Büchler, and will be mostly in English.
October 21st, 17:00pm at the IKI.
see you there!

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