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A Letter from London [Movie]

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A letter from London”
Doug Dalgleish
UK-Israeli Documentary
’50, 2018
In English with English subtitles

Revealing how a unique and extraordinary window of opportunity was opened to the small and powerless Zionist movement: examining the complex and surprising, circumstances and characters, that made the world’s most powerful empire, pen the Balfour Declaration in 1917, promising a homeland for the Jews of the world in Palestine, a land that was not Britain’s to give!
Following the twists and turns that led Britain to retreat from its promises, and from its legal obligations in the Mandate to create a Jewish homeland and adopting an anti-Zionist policy with the most deadly consequences possible. And, showing how the Zionists adapted to this new reality, and how the end of the century’s Second World War left stark choices for the British as well as the Zionists. The film follows that often violent path from war’s end, to the British departure in 1948 and the Declaration of an Independent Jewish state.
Combining rare archive material, with testimonies of people who lived during the Mandate period, some of which has never been seen or heard before, and interviews with eminent historians and politicians.


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